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From: Myron Bernard
Re: Changing Your Daily Actions Starting Today.

My name is Myron and Yes, I know how hard it can be to find a method of getting something started daily that simply works for you. So that you can see results. You see, when I started my personal management duties in the entertainment industry. I knew nothing about working online... I networked with others, made phone calls, worked, toured, and managed talent.


But as technology expanded I spent every spare hour I could trying to understand how to effectively balance my daily tasks and help my clients be successful. While I advised them to become more organized so they would be able to complete their projects. No matter what type of creative project it was. This meant I would have more available projects and talent to present to agents, promoters and the public. Also to be able to contract to the labels for deals, tour support and special events.

These were non-stop duties!

I Tried. . .

Everything that would allow me to handle my personal workload, be organized for my clients and create better income streams.


Came faster as I took action and stopped putting things off until later. My daily responsibilities no longer allowed me to wait.

I Knew...

That after having success with my personal system I needed to share my "make it happen" techniques with others. The same methods that helped me change my life and business around so fast. Simply by changing my mindset and daily actions to reach my short and long term goals. Also to be able to help other creatives to reach theirs.

And You Can Too...

I am proud to open up my own personal vault of tools that have made a different to my life and my talented clients create their own entrepreneurial lifestyles. This same simple, yet, effective system will change your life and get results too.


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Power Of Starting Now #1 Main eBook

This course teaches you everything you need to know, and avoids the stuff that you won’t use. This course is taught by a marketer who understands what marketers use on a daily basis. As a result, there’s no fluff, leaving highly actionable content.

Stage #1 Planning

In this course you won’t learn things you’ll never use, but instead, tutorials will be geared towards real-life examples. This will enable you to use your learnings tomorrow…instead of never.

Stage #2 Execute

Learning git isn’t something that happens overnight. That’s why this course includes quiz questions at the end of every lesson, helping you remember the important stuff.

Stage #3 Evaulate

Learning git isn’t something that happens overnight. That’s why this course includes quiz questions at the end of every lesson, helping you remember the important stuff.

Stage #4 Repeat

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive full level training system.

  • The Planning Stage
  • The Execute Stage
  • The Evaluate Stage
  • The Repeat Stage

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Are you Ready to do Something That Actually Works?

If you are, then I'm going to share my very own POWER formula with you, so you can make a lifestyle change starting today.
Rob Bacon

I've been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to know, listen to, watch, and learn from Myron. His creative vision , experience, knowledge of and deep passion for the performing arts are unparalleled.. He "gets" it, and can help you perfect your craft and to set your goals even higher...

Rob Bacon, Bacon Entertainment
Per Ingels

Myron has the highest demands in all areas. He did not only took the role as producer, he made me, forced me, to understand why he wanted things to be done in a certain way.
He could easily have said just; do like this, do like that. But he never failed in his commitment to make me understand why.

Per Ingels, H.O.M.E. Studio's
Michael DeLara

Myron has helped guide me to take myself from being a struggling singer-songwriter/cruise ship performer, to a working, professional musician, doing my own shows almost every night of the week. I’ve been watching my career bloom right in front of my eyes. All I’ve done is apply my work ethic to his guidance. And all of this happened within five months.

Michael DeLara, DeLara Music